GED Testing

The Churchill Community Education Center is an authorized GED® (General Education Development) test center. An exam is administered at least monthly (with the exception of July). A High School Equivalency (HSE) certificate is granted by the Michigan Department of Education upon completion of all sections of the GED®. To obtain your certificate, register at Diploma Sender.

There are four sections of the GED test, and they do not have to be taken on the same day.  Each section costs $43.50 (given a July 1, 2023 price increase).  Our registered students may be able to receive a voucher for their first attempt on each section. 

To take the GED Test you must create an account/log in to (please only create one account).  Our Testing Center does no registration or payment on-site.

Once the account creation process is complete, the GED portal determines whether you are eligible to take the test based on your date of birth.

To Be Eligible To Test You Must:

  • be 18 years of age or older
  • To test sooner requires a waiver signed by the Superintendent of your school district of residence. Please call their office for additional information.

Testing Dates & Times:
Please check for the most accurate and up-to-date information about when our testing center is open. 

To take GED Preparation classes at our school, navigate to our GED Prep page.


Carrie Egan, Secretary
Phone: (248) 588-5050 ext. 1502

HSE Age Waiver Form